Friday, February 24, 2006

Profile of Christo by Graham Rice

Graham, who co-wrote a book with Christo called Garden Flowers from Seed, has sent us this link to a profile he wrote of Christo back in March 2001.

There are few garden writers whose work can be described as literature rather than simply writing. Add creative fire, humour and an independence of spirit to enhance plant knowledge and horticultural insight and you have a unique writer and plantsman whose influence has spread to gardeners across the world. His pre-eminence has been recognised by his award of the Victoria Medal of Honour by the RHS in 1978, an Honorary Doctorate from the Open University in 1997 and an OBE in the Millennial Honours List.

I first encountered Christo, as his friends know him, in the mid 1980s when he reviewed one of my first books in Country Life where he’s written a weekly column, without a break, for almost forty years. He was very complimentary and, after an exchange of letters, he invited me to stay at Great Dixter. I was nervous to say the least, awed by my by own respect for him, but his hospitality, not to mention his cooking, made the visit very special.

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