Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meet the Team: Jean Michel

Jean Michel works with William Hurton in the Produce team at Dixter. John describes himself as is the baby of the team, although you wouldn’t know it by meeting him. He’s only been at Dixter for two and a half years.

Name: Jean Michel

Status: Married with two daughters, 17 and 18.

Age: 48

Service: 2.5 Years

What's your role at Great Dixter?
I work with William and also help Ben with maintenance. I’m also in charge of all the mown areas of grass in the garden.

How did you come to work at Dixter?
Well, I lost my job as a furniture maker and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to work outside so I phoned Dixter and asked if they needed any volunteers. I came for a meeting with Fergus and Christo. We met in the porch of the house, and they asked me some questions. A started for three days a week as a volunteer in June and then they gave me a full time job in September.

What do you love most about your job?
I just love the beautiful surroundings. I love growing things and everyday at Dixter is different. I love being outside in the garden and in the woods.

What do you think makes Dixter special?
For me it is the people here. They are very friendly and there is lots of banter in the mess. You often get a bit wet though [referring to frequent water fights…]

What is your fondest memory of Christo?
I didn’t get to spent that much time with Christo. He would tell me if I wasn’t doing so well. I remember once I lit the fire in the Solar a bit late and it wasn’t roaring quite as he has expected. He let me know about that – not in a nasty way, though. When the fire was just right he would always smile and he liked the idea that I come from Bordeaux. That’s where his favourite wines come from, he would tell me.

What are your aspirations for Dixter’s Future?
I just want it to carry on as it s and to continue to attract more people.

What are your personal ambitions / interests?
I like to be busy. Being a taxi service for my two daughters keeps me fairly well occupied when I am not at Dixter. I like reading and taking my dog, Charlie, for walks.


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